Tuesday, 29 December 2015


So it's few days to the end of 2015.. Wow, 2015. I remember when I was in primary school, 2015 seemed like some century to come  (man I'm getting young oh) and I have been reflecting a whole lot. I have so much to be grateful for even though I also have things to whine about but no I choose to be grateful. 

1. January: January this year went smoothly. From coming back to Sokoto from the Christmas break to the amazing moments I had as a presenter on RIMA FM (I miss those days) to the crazy lodge mates and quarrels..    Somehow in between, I fell ill I had to be admitted in UDUTH, series of test was run, the doctor even said I might be pregnant, and I'm like sheybi it's somebody that had sex that will be pregnant. The plan of the enemy was to kill themselves but my God neither sleeps nor slumbers.  The temperature was extra low and the cold was crazy but it made my skin glow. 
2. February: The month of love like they say. Funny enough I've never been valed *wipes lone tear* Nigeria was also agog with election fever and the election was postponed admist talks of break up and I was scared because Northern Nigeria is quite volatile. The electioneering activities took a violent turn up north with robbery on the increase and that's how my students robbed me around 8pm, yes I'm sure it was them and the drama that followed, my father in heaven!! I was traumatised for a very long while and even now, I feel apprehensive whenever I hear footsteps coming behind me.   
3. March... Well, the election fever was high, I got served my first query at work and it was very funny. My employers were blowing hot and cold, they said they'll make sure I get an extension and I'm like go ahead. Well, I got posted to Illela on the fringes of Niger Republic for the election duties and the experience was something else. From those men disrespecting me, a whole presiding officer because I am female to me calling for armoured tankers to the whole APC tipping us... When it was time to collate and announce the result, I just confessed my aunt, crossed my self and started while using my side eye to look for the nearest escape route. My bag was slung across my chest and I wore my sandal slippers style. Well, we thank God APC won because the threats we were getting already!!               

 4. April. I spent my Easter in Sokoto but I made sure I attended all the stations of the cross.
The elections continued and by this time, the people of Illela already knew I was a no nonsense person so they comported themselves well. Life started returning back to Sokoto as many non indigenes already left to avoid post election violence. My CDS activities too helped to keep me busy since I was the advert manager 2.
5. May
 By May, I was already counting down to dropping my khaki. I also took a professional course in entrepreneurship and I became a certified Entrepreneur. It wasn't easy oh, considering the fact that this was different from the science calculations I've done all my life but as a sharp girl, I scaled through.
I also had the opportunity of being part of the OBS crew, it wasn't easy as we had to stay up late and wake up early to keep the engines running, in fact I broke down in June but was the experience worth it? Yes!

6. June
I love this picture so much!! My white tennis always sparkled in CDS.. Anyway that's off target. So this was my final month as a youth corps member, I started thinking of life after service and I did get a job in Sokoto but my mum raised dust and threatened to come and drag me home if I wasn't home by the 2nd  week of July so I had to forfeit it. It was quite emotional for me because passing out meant I had to become responsible for myself with no pocket money from anyone and I barely had more than 40k in my account because I paid my professional exams school fees myself plus I got a new phone and practically changed my wardrobe so I did a lot of thinking.. Well,June ended.

7. And July came.
 July is my favorite month of the year because it's my birth month. So I passed out and officially became a gold according to my former roomie. Everyday from July 1st till the day I left finally, I cried. I'm emotional yeah, but it was too much. From me never wanting to go to Sokoto initially to me never wanting to leave. As Lagos where I reside and Sokoto where I spent a year are two poles apart, I knew nothing would take me there in a loooooooooonnnnnnggggg while so I had to tidy all ends but I still feel nostalgic when I think about Sokoto. Someday maybe.
And I started working on the 17th or so,not something fancy but something that pays my bills including my new human hair madness.. I still sent my CVs out while hoping then something happened in August.

8. August

 So I was browsing this morning on Facebook when I got a notification I had a message. You see, I hardly chat on fb because all I get mostly are guys who are smitten, guys that can't even start a conversation but I replied him anyway. And I clicked on his profile and saw he was my senior in the University, I said hello and he was like so what am I doing now and I said I'm job hunting. He said he worked with xyz and asked if I was interested, I told him yes please and he asked for my particulars. I was on my way to work but I sent it to his mail. Later in the day I got a message from them that I scaled through stage one and I should bring a certificate of fitness plus my original credentials and photocopy. At this point, I told my mum. Meanwhile, dude started forming he was loving up and as a street girl, I just connected the dots but I said bae chill. At a point I had to simply ask him what will happen if I say no, will I still get the job and he was like he's not like that, blah blah blah. Akuko ifo!
I went for the medicals and the day I was to go and submit, he said they were having one seminar somewhere and lodged in one hotel, he wasn't around now but asked me if I wanted to go and drop the documents straight or I wanted to see him so we'll *talk* I told him I'll see him let's trash it out so I wore my pencil Jean and set out. I went straight to the hotel and he wasn't there, I collected the key and went to the room.
After like 40 minutes, he came and I showed him the documents, he said fine. At this point, he came to sit beside me but I made sure I locked the door myself and put the key in my handbag. He started skirting around the topic and I'm like dude, did you do this thing because you want to have sex with me?? I started giving it to him like an arrow and he was shocked. I told him, see this job is a federal government job, no be your papa be  federal government, the fact that your uncle is the chairman cttee on science and technology in house of reps means nothing to me. I started insulting the living day light out of him, I now told him that as I'm walking out, you can throw my credentials in the dustbin but he will suffer for this and his sister will be treated the same way. Ah, my head was hot oh!! I Seyon should give my body because of federal government job?? I flung it on him and left the place. I called him the next day to ask what's up with the job (I'm crazy like that) and he was talking gibberish. I blasted him again and ended the call.
I decided I wasn't going to tell my mum but after asking for too long, I opened up and I just told her if it's the wish of God I'll get the job, I'll get the job and I closed that chapter but then, I'm thinking, how about other girls that are gullible and even after offering their body don't get the job?

9. September
 I decided to go to my mum's place in Anambra  to cool off when I had a little break at work and choi, I ate oha for the first time on God knows when.. Nothing really happened this month aside work and all.

10. October

October was just like a snake passing on a rock jare. It was work, work and more work for me.
11. November

Well, at some point, I wanted to quit my job, I had so many things going on in my life, I was depressed, I lost a friend in October and throughout November, I wore a long face.

12. December

 Here we are, the last month of the year and it's only an ingrate that won't thank God. So you think you have a problem? Wait till you hear another person's story and you'll thank God for your life.

So that's it, that's how my year went, the highest point was when I passed out from service and the lowest was when t thought I was going to get a change of job but didn't, also when I lost my friend. I had the highs and lows and I also learnt lessons, valuable ones. First, I'm very hot tempered, my temper fit fry egg oh, but NYSC changed me. One of my roommate was practically a witch and I don't know where the spirit of calm and wisdom came from but upon all her frustration, it's only once when it was too much I exchanged words with her. Also, I learnt never to stick my neck out for people. Please, the only person you can vouch for is yourself, end of story! Maybe someday, I'll type the story but ah, anyway. I also learnt that this world is highly spiritual and that the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent takes it by force. Also, any person in your life that isn't profiting you should be dropped like it's hot! No time for extra baggage, in fact if there is time, the time is not correct!   How did your year go?? 2016 is on the horizon, have you set your goals?? 


  1. Oh Jeez.I laughed at that guy's antics. A silly girl would hv submitted herself to him. Job,she no go see.

    I noticed one thing. You love red lipstick a lot n you love smiling.
    Quite an eventful year for you.

    1. My dear, even if I'll get it, my body is priceless to have sex with one scallywag oh
      Yes I smile a lot and I love rouge *winks*

  2. Cute face is all I notice here



  3. You see girls wey no get common sense go carry them self drop for the idiot because of job wey they no go see, boy wey no get money. If my sister tell me this kain gist.. I pray say I no go find the Idiot go.... Give m better beat

    Nice pic, nice write up

  4. Well written, well summarized details of an eventful year. Thank God for seeing you through the illness, for journey mercies and for seeing you through it all.. 2016 is bigger and better.


  5. You did a great deal of work here... well detailed. 2015 has been very eventful I must say, but I am more convinced that 2016 will be so great, for you and for me despite the challenges that we perceive already.

    Egwumba’s Blog

  6. Interesting summary. I am so holding on to this statement

    "Also, any person in your life that isn't profiting you should be dropped like it's hot! No time for extra baggage"

  7. Sharp babe, she wore her pencil jes trouser. Loool..... Twas such an interesting and long read. At least, your year was worth it. Glad we made it bae.