Tuesday, 8 December 2015

There should be a retirement age from social media??

The Holy Book says there is time for everything. Even the Greek alphabet has Alpha meaning "the beginning" as he first alphabet and Omega meaning "the last" as the last alphabet.

I was once in a ship and all he did was monitor my last seen on WhatsApp, my tweets, Facebook update, bbm updates etc just to use it against me. His aim was to frustrate me out while he would still be there. Me ke?? I show am mabo!!

This brings me to the juncture where men ask their spouse not to use any social network because they feel threatened that their wives might be chatting up some new dudes.. And I'm like, how possible is it?? Say for instance me that has been active since I was 11,after walking down the aisle, my husband will tell me to delete all accounts? No way is that happening!!

I remember the day my dad asked me to activate Facebook for him, my heart started beating faster but then, I put myself in his shoes and just let him be.
Statements like "I don't know what my parents are doing on Facebook" have become a tad too common, now ask yourself how you'll feel if your kids say same about you.

So I'm thinking, shall we go by the Holy Book and set a standard for the years one should be active on Social networks like organisations do or shall we say let it be as the spirit leads?? 


  1. As d spirit leads I'l say o.. Reading dis gave me loads of lafta sayin to myslf.....'Social media retirement age'.... Lolz


  2. lols....u mean retirement from civilisation

  3. Lolz as the spirit leads....live and let live....IMUO anyway!


  4. Both parents are on Facebook and instagram, it's just a way to get busy with their hands, obviously they are loving it. cos the way my mum updates her Facebook page eehn