Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Who should do the chores??

Hello my lovies and dovies, how una dey?? Happy new month oh.. May this month not be a sorrowful one and may the Almighty perfect all that concerns us.

So I'm African, Black and proud... I love my culture but there are parts of our culture that needs review and one of such is the aspect of house chores. Amaka the lazy girl, you're not a wife material, duuh!!
Traditionally, the burden of the chores is that of the woman. Most men do not even bother, na lie??
While growing up, I must admit I was extra lazy and I was born with a spoon under construction. We did have a relative staying with us but she was no house help.
I remember washing bitter leaf, slicing ugu (I used to grumble because my friends used to slice theirs in the market), picking more than 3 paint buckets of beans (so we won't have to pick when we want to cook) and chief of all, grinding pepper on the grinding stone or mortar depending on my mum's mood. I actually used to think I was adopted because my brothers did virtually nothing so I started devising a means to escape. Guess what? I'll come home when it's dark and creep up to my bed. I don't bother with food as I'd have eaten from wherever I was coming from. On and on I continued until my mum reported me and my aunty came all the way from Benin to come and share the chores and guess what? I still got the lion share.
Anyway  in a way, I used to think I was suffering but it helped me because when I got into the university, I got my first real baptism but the bitter truth is I still hate house chores except cooking and laundering. I hate washing plates especially ogbono and other slimy soups stained utensils, I hate sweeping, scrubbing, moping etc but I do them anyways.
Now, the way the society is, men and women put in equal hours at work and the woman is still expected to be 100% up and doing at the home front right?
I have nothing against performing your duties as a woman but ain't we help meet and not slaves? Don't come and quote Proverbs for me oh, why can't the chores be splitted?  Why should the male have all the time to play while the female are forced to be in the kitchen? Is that not why most men hardly eat well when they are bachelors? Is any gender physically predisposed to doing the chores? My answer is an emphatic NO!!
Parents should teach their children that chores are meant to be done by everybody irrespective of your sex, we should teach our children especially the boys the they must assist after all in the boarding house, everyone does his or her chores! Besides, leaving the chores for women only will breed husbands that will subject their wives to modern day slavery.


  1. This should be interesting, so I'm just going to pull up a chair on this one and watch the ladies rant :P.

  2. Soo true my dear!
    Lmao @i thought i was adopted

    I used to think like that too, esp wheb they ask me to wash ogbono plate or wash Onugbo. Onugbu that'll make one's fingers shrink and ugly lol
    But these things helped us sha, so i say well done to our mothers. My brothers were trained like us girls, they can cook any soup, pound fufu and wash bitter leaf sef.
    Now them dey enjoy am..
    Happy New Month Love..

    1. I used to train nails so after washing, my nails will be green too, these days, anytime I go home, I make sure I avoid it, in fact I'll say I'm not eating and convince them to cook another soup.
      My brothers learnt the hard way though because I show them mabo!!

  3. parents should teach their children both the male and female house chores not just for domestic purpose only .... my bro cooks and does his house chores really well even tho he had to learn the hard way... and i still hate cleaning the floor till today... and oh i really don't care who does the chores so long as the house is neat and tidy and if that involves only me doing so i will..

  4. God bless my momma for believing chores should be shared equally amongst us. She believed there was "no boy or girl" when it comes to chores.
    If not, I for her am as an only girl.
    still, I hated and still hate chores with a passion!!!
    So I agree with my mom, no boy or girl in chores matter oh!

    How are you my darling?

    1. Vira, what you're doing, in your heart of mind, is it fair?? It's not fair oh

  5. I wish my husband will read this sha. he will just leave me in the kitchen to do every. Chai! Men dey enjoy . so far there is money at home, he has no other issue. Infact he was the one that suggested o get a cleaner to clean the house.

    I Kent come and kill myself

    1. Lool maybe you should tell him subtly.
      This will be trashed out this weekend here, watch out.

  6. I can totally relate to this post...in fact kam mechie onum
    Nma's Blog 

  7. I never washed onugbu in my life,thanks to my older n younger sisters. My older sis is mama put o. She can cook any n everything. My younger sis helped in everything n we had loads of older relatives living with us.
    Thank God I learnt o cos I was pampered toooooo much.
    In my matrimonial home,my son MUST be in d kitchen while I am cooking. He eats a lot so he has to learn the process. He washes,cleans,bathes his younger bro and MUST work. Thank God,I no get nanny sef

    1. Lool I can see the emphasis with the must in block letters.
      Honestly I see no reason why boys should be exempted from doing the chores at home.
      You were quite lucky while growing up oh.