Saturday, 2 January 2016

DAY 32


Initiate sex with your spouse today. Do it in a way that honours what your spouse needs from you.  Ask God to make this enjoyable for both of you.

There is this misconception that sex is strictly for procreation... I don't know where that originated from but for married couples, sex is a way of showing love because each time you have sex with your spouse, you deposit a part of you in them.
I once came across a video where a pastor said only missionary with the man on top is acceptable, that is very wrong because even the Bible said we should drink water from our own cistern,it also talked about eating pleasant fruits from your garden. Garden here is your spouse.
Men, be patient with her if she's a green horn, women, tell him where you liked to be touched, husband and wife, be willing to try new things and always aim to satisfy each other. There is nothing to be ashamed of in marriage, it is meant to be consummated!
One more area I'll touch is people that have time table for sex. Really?? Why must it be only at night or once a month?? This is why most people cheat but some people will open their mouth and be asking if sex is food. Oh well, if you must know, in marriage, sex is food!
One more thing, this is for the ladies especially, never use sex as a form of punishment by withholding it, never please. Instead look for ways of aiming to please instead of sending your husband outside.