Saturday, 9 January 2016


So I've kinda ignored the Saturday usual due to circumstances beyond my control.. I mean this whole festive period was one I thought I'd rest but no, I don't even want to remember the stress I went through :-(
We're still on cognates, a topic I started last year and Insha Allah, we're going to wrap it up next month.

  1. Sale, Sail: A sale is a noun meaning the selling of something, a sail is the material used to catch wind on a boat. 
  2. Scene, Seen: Scene is a place or a view. Seen is the past tense of see. 
  3. Seam, Seem: A Seam is where two pieces of materials are joined while to seem is to appear or look as if. 
  4. Serf, Surf: A Serf is a servant, to surf is to ride the waves of water or to search on the Internet. 
  5. Sever, Severe: Sever means to cut through completely, severe means strict, hard, extreme. 
  6. Shear, Sheer: Shear means to cut off, and sheer means pure, unadulterated. It also means transparent. 
  7. Shore, Sure: A shore is a beach, it also means to brace or support. Sure means without doubt. 
  8. Some time, Sometime, Sometimes: Some time refers to a considerable period of time, sometime refers to an indistinct or unstated time in the future, sometimes is an adverb meaning 'continually, on and off'. 
  9. Stationery, Stationary: Stationary means still and unmoving, stationery refers to writing materials. 
  10. Straight, Strait: Straight is an adjective that means having no bends or curves, a strait is a narrow channel connecting two bodies of water. 
... And that's it guys. Enjoy the rest of your day. X