Saturday, 16 January 2016


Holla lovelies.. Where is the owambe at today?? Ok before you dash out, let's quickly run through our grammar lessons.

  1. Taut, taught: Taut is a literary word that means tight while taught is the past tense of teach. 
  2. Tenant and tenet: A tenant is someone who rents a property while a tenet is a principle. 
  3. Their, there and they're: Their is the possessive of they, there refers to a place that is not here, they're is a contraction for they are. 
  4. Theirself, theirselves, themself, themselves: only themselves is correct as a reflexive or emphatic pronoun. 
  5. Throws, throes: Throes are several pains or difficult times, throws is the plural or present tense of throw. 
  6. Til, till: Til is a contraction of the preposition until, till is a verb meaning to cultivate. 
  7. To, too, two: To is a preposition meaning towards, I too means also, two is the number between one and three. 
  8. Torpid, turgid: Torpid means unresponsive, lacking alertness, turgid means very ornate and decorative. It can also mean swollen and bulging.