Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Learning corner


  1. Those are great and interesting facts indeed. Greetings!

  2. On 'Did you know II'.

    A friend of mine is currently studying overseas and he is planning to return home in some days. He says the only issue he has a problem with is how to survive the Internet and data management in the country (Nigeria). He consumes that much of data- 74GB everyday. The fact that he is studying computer science isn't the reason behind such large consumption. Almost everybody consumes that much.

    Here, in Naija, I am struggling to
    avoid subscribing more than four times in a month. That is an approximate of only 12GB. Only! I can't wait to see a more developed Nigeria. Internet access is a bane abeg.

    And the slow speed? 2GB,3GB. My friend aboard uses 5GB!

    Sorry, I just needed somewhere to rant and vent. It is vexing mbok. Chaaaaaai.

    1. Lool me I'm managing 4.5gb everymonth

  3. Ooh, I didn't know, now I know