Saturday, 27 February 2016


Hiya lovey dovies... I don't even know what to say, I know many people would have lost their patience  checking the blog and not seeing anything new... I don't know but I have to stop making excuses. I'm so sorry my darlings.

So sometimes in 2015, we started a series on "false cognates" which are English words commonly confused because they sound or are written so similarly that they are often confused and we took it alphabetically.. We should have concluded it a long time ago but I decided to introduce some other things but today, we'd be wrapping cognates up.

  1. Vain, vane, vein: A vane is a blade that rotates, Vain means fruitless, hopeless or without result, vein refers to a tube that carries blood back to the heart. 
  2. Verses, Versus: Verses is plural of verse, a line of poetry. Versus means in comparison or opposition to.
  3. Vicious, Viscous: Vicious means cruel and mean, viscous means thick and sticky. 
  4. Waist, waste: Waist refers often to the narrow area of a human body between the hips and ribs. Waste is garbage or to use carelessly. 
  5. Wary, weary: Wary means leery and cautious, weary means tired and worn. 
  6. Wave, waive: To wave is to move back and forth. Waive means to give up, not require or ask for. 
  7. Wear, ware, we're, were: Wear is a verb meaning to have clothing on. Ware is an article of merchandise. Were is past tense of are. We're in a contraction for "we are". 
  8. Weather, Whether: Weather has to do with climate. Whether means if and is used only inside sentences. 
  9. Wet, Whet: Wet is full of moisture. Whet is to stimulate or arouse. 
  10. Won't, Wont: Won't is a contraction for "will not". Wont means "used to". 
  11. Your, You're: Your is a possessive for you. You're is a contraction for "you are". 
And that's it on false cognates darlings. Special thanks to Alpha dictionary for the materials used. Till I come your way again, remember to speak/write error free English. Lol