Monday, 29 February 2016


Very often, we find ourselves acting in such a way, projecting ourselves as being something we are not, only in a desperate bid to impress someone. Do you realise that by trying to take control of another person, you are actually exposing your own weakness? By trying to swagger and force a person to think of you as you need him to you are needlessly exposing your weakness and thus sabotaging your position. In such a situation, the person you are trying to impress will simply be in command of you. The minute you want something from someone, you automatically assume a weaker position.
Understand then that the more you crave for a person's good opinion or attention, the less likelihood of your ever receiving it.
The following actions will surely work against you in any situation:
1. Going out of your way to impress someone.
2. Falling all over someone trying to curry favour.
3. Making meaningless small talk just to be heard.
4. Trying to be overly concerned about the person's health and well being.
5. Hanging on to the person if he was angry or upset with you.
6. Trying to win the person's approval at all cost.
7. Constantly being on the defensive and trying to give explanations for every action.
8. Indulging in vacant or harmful gossips.
9. Always trying to say only nice things to someone though it is actually not your real opinion about the person.
The solution? Try to think before you talk. There will be less chance of sabotaging your position.
Do you feel a certain fear mounting within you? Is that why you fawn, try to impress and in general blabber nonsense? Ah! Then control yourself.
It is better to be a silent listener than to be someone who will make a fool of himself by indulging in all the above actions!

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