Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Mid 2014, series of events happened that altered the course of my life... It was the defining moment of my life and one of such was the final events in the course of my first degree that was going to be my launch pad into the real world.

I relocated to Sokoto, Northern Nigeria and I remember the thoughts that were clashing and colliding in my mind as I was boarding the plane. I got there, enjoyed my 21 days on camp and on the last day when we were to get posted, my heart was in my mouth, I was shaking like a tender leaf being pounded by the rains... I prayed not to be taken to some remote village where the only means of transportation will be camels and with no electricity and pipe borne water and yes, my Chi heard my prayers and I was posted to town.

I made enquiries and was told it was in the heart of the city centre and my joy knew mo bound... I didn't report to my duty post as I was holed up in a hotel where I got my first baptism of fire in my newly adopted state; I was robbed while I was fast asleep. Well, the next day, I proceeded to my new station and was well received.. I was assigned to the junior section even though I wanted to teach biology in the senior section. I wanted math in the junior and I was told they had enough math teachers so I gladly accepted my basic technology.

I met the principal in October 2014 after I resumed fully from my leave.. Very fine gentleman he was, so concerned about our welfare, he even took a special interest in me and called me 'baby' till I passed out.
In January 2015, I fell ill and went to UDUTH, I was given series of drugs which I took religiously, but I noticed each time I took a particular one, I'd start feeling faint but I dismissed it until in early February when I took it and was trying to stand up, the next thing I knew was I was seeing darkness; I blanked out. When I came to, I found myself in the waiting room of UDUTH again with Mr Usman Sokoto saying "baby, you're awake now". My roommate said I fainted and immediately they dialled his number, he came to pick me up. After waiting for a long time, the doctor ran the tests, placed me on drip etc and I didn't pay a dime courtesy of my principal.
With delayed allowances and all, I was never broke for once because if him.. I mean, it wasn't just me, he was nice to all of us serving in Sultan Abubakar college, Sokoto.
Yes, we had our rough times but I remember all the fatherly advise you always gave me and how you saw to it that we enjoyed our stay in SAC.
Yesterday, I got the rude shocker that you've passed on.. What?? I couldn't believe it but Alas, I called and my greatest fear was confirmed.. I'd never see you again.. All I'm left with is fragments of memories...
I really do not know what to type but I pray the Almighty gives us the fortitude to bear this great loss.
Goodbye Mr Usman Mohammed Sokoto.