Tuesday, 15 March 2016


29. One habit all happy couple share: doing fun things together. Competitive games have a  strong effect because they raise adrenaline, which helps you bond.
30. Don't let him see you peeing, plucking your eyebrow, or doing an at-home bikini wax. You can be "real" in ways that don't chip away at romance.
31. Keep some secrets to preserve mystery.
32. Jump on him instead of next to him on the couch. Being sexy and playful takes effort, but its the glue that keeps couples together.
33. Don't forget to kiss.
34. .............And hug too. Guys have less oxytocin, the brain's bonding chemical than women do, but it can be oosted with frequent touch.
35. If your body has changed since you met, good God, don't point it out! Men rarely notice details like cellulite and sag gage.
36. Balance out each negative interaction with five positive actions.
37. Don't succumb to pity sex when you're not feeling it.
38. Get past a sex slump by isolating yourselves with no distraction and one agenda : sex!
39. Space is healthy and no one person can be responsible for your happiness.
40. Be unpredictable. Guys want variety but they don't require it from other girls.
41. Always thank him for little stuff. Appreciation keeps the good deeds coming.