Sunday, 1 May 2016


Happy sunday good people! Hope your day is coming up as planned?

So I'm wondering, why do people go holy on Sundays  especially on social networks between the hours of 6am to 1pm and revert to the rubbish tweets, bbm and facebook updates etc once service is over? Doesn't that smack of hypocrisy? I mean if its my style to tweet rubbish, why can't I continue the trend on Sunday  morning?
Who is deceiving who?

PS. Happy new month! 


  1. Are they even Holy?

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  2. 6am to 1pm is for anointing. Social media is banned then,tho some browse in church

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  3. naija for you... we prefer to prentend good for the screens and be hurting... i remain me though.. how have you been...

  4. Hahaha the thought that's always on my mind... Social media a world where pretence is the order of the day..

    How are you dearie?