Sunday, 19 June 2016

Letter to daddy

I woke up reluctantly early today as I'd rather cuddle my pillow than wake up, thanks to the rain and a glimpse through my social media accounts reminded me that today is father's day. I've never wished my dad happy whatsoever other than on his birthday but I had the strong urge to do this and here we are.

Right from when I could differentiate my left from my right, I knew I was dad's fave (favouritism is real you know) and I remember how often mum disagreed with you because I insisted on sleeping on the same bed with you and mum (sigh) among other things. Anyway I've learnt both parent can't be tough.

For every scolding I received from anybody even mum (except my teacher of course), I'd reply with my chin up that I'd tell my daddy and he will beat you back...Lmao! Oh how that line annoyed mum because of course you didn't want her scolding your baby especially with her different flavours of slap. BTW, the shape of my jaw is exactly the same as dad's.

So I grew rapidly and the juvenile days rolled by. Oh my, I was stubborn! I mean I was defiant and uber lazy (Duuh, I still am). I remember when mum was so exasperated and had to assign specific chores to us and I wouldn't do the dishes esp the eba pot because my daddy will help me wash it( I'm so ashamed right now!lmao).

At some point, because you didn't show you emotions and all (I'm like you now dad and I don't know if it's right or wrong) if I wanted to tell you anything, I'd rather write a letter and copy mum anyway till the day you called me and told me if I can't be bold enough to talk, I should forget it. Well, I started talking to you hesitantly anyway till it started flowing.

Talking of emotions, I clearly remember the day I had a function and I insisted I was going to take a bike and you told him be careful, she is my baby and I love her so much. I don't know how but I felt my cheek wet and had to quickly look the other way.

Today is father's day and I just want to thank you for giving me education first, there was no text book I lacked in school even up to university because you'd remind us how grandpa didn't fund your education and you didn't want your kids to go through the same, anything that had financial commitment was promptly attended to, I mean, I didn't have a lie to get money as even if I prepared a lie, it'll be stuck in my throat when you pick the call. Lemme mention the fact that you taught me how to request for things early as I was the type that won't ask for money for biro till the next morning and you'd be like when you are beaten in school today, you'd learn to ask immediately when I get back from work... That's one lesson I've held closely over the years.

Dad got me my first bra! Yes he did and he knew my menstrual cycle more than mum and I remember how he was worried when I got admission into the university because of the painful periods I get.

I'm an avid reader thanks to my dad, by the time I was 9, I had read half the African Writers series and other books and I've cultivated the habit of buying my books over the years.

I used to be reluctant about going for the May 27 celebrations because it was dad's birthday too.

I remember the day you stumbled on my stash of love letters and the careful lecture you gave me even though I didn't forgive you for a long time because you told mum. The day you overheard me talking to my then boyfriend at 17 made you realise I was ripe for sex education from daddy and I still hold those words dear.

I miss the days when you used to carry me on your shoulders, your broad shoulders till I fell asleep and you'd tuck me into bed.. the days I'd stay by the door waiting for you to come back from work, I mean I wouldn't eat till dad is back (I still do so sometimes now), I miss you helping me out with my homework and teaching me how to read along with mum.

Dad, so many water has passed under the bridge, we've had a huge paradigm shift and all but the lessons I learnt from you can never be forgotten and if I have any regret, it's the fact that I'm not so particular about mathematics when that is what you studied in school! Lol

I love you dad!