Friday, 24 June 2016


Dear guy,
I know how excited you felt when you started talking to me, I felt the same way too and I still do but certain habits of yours might change the status quo.
Because I feel comfy with you and love to spend time with you, I didn't object when you invited me over to your place. However, I hate the way you feel because we are together, we must have sex or even kiss. Yes, you stimulate me on the inside and intellectually but by attacking my dress immediately and getting angry even trying to give me the "I'm attracted to you talk is BS".
The fact that I agreed to come over to "chill" doesn't mean I want the Netflix and chill type of chill, I did because I trusted you and you've broken that trust by behaving like a randy he goat because you've done it more than once and by that you've sang your nunc dimmitis because if God forbid you rape me in a moment of "uncontrolled, I need to release urge" society will blame me.
Bye forever.


  1. Awwww.
    I don't know why guys feel that any girl that visits their home want sex. I believe they find it amazing that a girl will visit and refuse to play bell. Maybe their brains and ours don't think the same way. Maybe.
    Your loss,guy.

    Visit me please on;

    1. It's annoying to think I want sex because I'm visiting... I don't understand the breed of men we have raised

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