Monday, 4 July 2016

Ponder on this

Hiya dovies, how's our Monday coming up?? Recently, I've been doing a lot of reflections and pondering and I came across one of my posts on fb (I can't remember if I wrote it originally or culled it) and thought to share.

Imagine this: a carrot, an egg and coffee powder, all in a separate pot of boiling water.
After 20 minutes, we observe that the carrot goes in hard and comes out soft, the egg goes in soft and comes out hard, while the coffee changes the water to brown.
What can we learn from this??
The water is equivalent to life; some people are like the carrot, they are hard but when faced with life situations, they become soft; others are like the egg, they are soft but life hardens them. The third category are like coffee, life doesn't change them, they change life.

Enjoy the rest of your day. 


  1. Hmmmmm... But coffee is bitter ( grins )

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  2. Some like it white, while others like it black.
    Some hot or cold
    Some sweetened others bland.
    Varieties spices up life.......