Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Just the tip

I'm a strong advocate for sex education, especially at a young age. I know the older generation might not find my position too comfortable, but then, when I say "sex education", I do not mean the different coital positions. NO! That's just a fragment anyway.

I learnt virtually everything I know today about sex on the street and by the time my mum started to lecture me (I was 10), well, let me not say it was a little too late, but then there was nothing new I needed to learn and so I just sat through the lecture while pretending to be hearing everything for the first time.
Now, with the rate of sexual perversion, fathers raping daughters, teachers raping pupils and so on, there is the urgent need for all and sundry to fasten their seat belts!
As early as kids can talk, ring it into their ears that no uncle/aunt is permitted to carry them in a compromising position , male or female, there is nothing like "private part", penis is what it is and vagina is what it is, Period!
Nobody is permitted to touch them there on any condition (except the mum while bathing for the kid), no dad should ask you help him scratch somewhere, no female should tell you you touch her in some way  plus some creches or nursery school staff fondle these kids!! Scary yeah? I don't even what to talk about what happens in the dormitories and even places of worship!
Children are not permitted to show their privates to another child, remember how many of us lost our innocence while playing daddy and mummy as kids?? Lailai!! My kids won't play mummy and daddy!
Desperate times calls for desperate measures and as soon as your girls are old enough, tell them if a man promises to put the tip inside, they should flee!!
I know how tough it is for people who live in "yards" with other tenants, how when some parents go to work, these predators try to lure these children! Sad yeah?
How will a man in the heat of the moment just put the tip?? No way! He is diving in Phelps style!! But because some of us are gullible, we fall victim and add to the ever growing statistics of single mothers or those who lose their innocence to ignorance. The unlucky ones are left with mementos in form of STDs!
Teach them right, else they learn it the wrong way!!


  1. Very important post. I wish every parent know this.

  2. Tip of gịnị? Lol

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