Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Wow... I really don't know how to start *phew* the truth is this feels so strange going by the fact that I've abandoned this blog... Too many  waters  of different colors have gone under the bridge but hopefully, Seyon is back..and BTW, happy new month/new year.

So today, we'd be looking at abbreviations we see every other day as the usual conversations these days have sprinklings of "lol, lwkmd, BTW, bc" etc in them.
You see, when I first started using SM (duuh), I used to be confused as confused can be because the "lol" I knew meant lots of love and it usually did not fit into the context of our conversation. It took a while for me to know it meant "laughing out loud".

There are 1001 abbreviations out there many of us wonder what they mean and except you want you be left behind in the stone age, you must get acquainted with their meanings so today I'll be bringing some of them.

LMAO  -  laughing my ass off.
LWKMD  - laugh wan kill me die.
TBH - To be honest.
UKD - u know dis.
IKR - I know right.
BTW - by the way.
TTYL - talk to you later.
G2G - got to go.
BC - because .
DIY - do it yourself.
EOD - end of discussion.
FAQ - frequently asked questions..
FYI - for your information.
IMO - in my opinion.
N00B - newbie.
NRN - no reply necessary.
OT - off topic.
ROTFL - rolling on the floor laughing.
POV - point of view.
TBA - to be announced.
TIA - thanks in advance.

.... And that's it for today. However, let's minimize the use of abbreviations especially when spellings as it can affect our writing if not kept in check.
I hope we learnt something new today??



  1. Hahaha.Nice piece but some abbreviations are not there like TBH.I just knew the meaning last week ooo.
    Welcome back Amaka. We are glad to have you back.

    1. Yayyy!! Welcome love, I'm glad you stopped by.
      TBH is number 3 nah

  2. Hello hun,good to be here. You forgot these

    ISD- I swear down
    SMH -Shaking my head
    JJC -Johnny just come
    Brb - Be right back
    ITK - I too right
    HBD -Happy Birthday (I find this annoying tho)
    WULLNP - Wishing u long life and prosperity (Sigh)

    ... Mehn, shud I go on? Lol

    1. Yayyy!! See who we have here *dancing*
      Thanks for adding these, my list isn't exhaustive and I find HBD annoying, like wth??
      Go on my love..

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